Canadian screenplays @ FRL

Selected Canadian screenplays

The Adjuster
Written by Atom Egoyan; directed by Atom Egoyan
Shooting draft, September 10, 1990

And the Dance Goes On...
Written by Paul Almond; directed by Paul Almond
Montreal: Quest Film Productions, 1990

Anna à la lettre C
Written by Hugo Brochu; adapted from a text by Larry Tremblay; directed by Hugo Brochu, 1995

Anne Trister
Written by Marcel Beaulieu and Léa Pool; directed by Léa Pool, 1986
Second version dialogue script

The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
Written by Mordecai Richler; directed by Ted Kotcheff
Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, c1974

Atanaujuat: The Fast Runner: Inspired by a Traditional Inuit Legend of Igloolik
Original story and Inukitut screenplay by Paul Apak Angilirq; additional writers Zacharias Kunuk, Hervé
Paniaq and Pauloosie Qulitalik; English screenplay by Norman Cohn; ethnographic commentary written specially for the book by Bernard Saladin d'Anglure; directed by Zacharius Kunuk 
Toronto: Coach House Books & Isuma Publishing, 2002

Bar Salon
Dossier établi par Pierre Latour, sur un film d'André Forcier
Montreal: Les Editions Le Cinématographe; VLB, c1978

Blood 'n' Donuts
Written by Andrew Rai Berzins; directed by Holly Cole, 1995

Written by Don McKellar; directed by Don McKellar, 1992

Boy Meets Girl
Written by Timothy Lee and Douglas Bagot; directed by Jerry Ciccoritti, 1998

Buried on Sunday
Written by Bill Fleming and Paul Donovan; directed by Paul Donovan
Revision dated November 7, 1991

City of Dark
Written by Bruno Lazaro Pacheco; directed by Bruno Lazaro Pacheco, 1997

The Company of Strangers
Written by Gloria Demers, Cynthia Scott, David Wilson and Sally Bochner; directed by Cynthia Scott, 1990

Cowboys Don't Cry
Written by Anne Wheeler; based on a book by Marilyn Halvorson, 1987

Written by David Cronenberg; based on the novel by J.G. Ballard; directed by David Cronenberg, 1996
Shooting script, 1994

Written by Andre Bijelic, Vincenzo Natali and Graeme Manson; directed by Vincenzo Natali, 1997
Revised 6 December 1996

Dance Me Outside: The Illustrated Screenplay
Adapted to the page by Nick Craine, from the screenplay by Bruce McDonald, Don McKellar and John Frizzell; based on the book by W.P. Kinsella
Cambridge, ON: Black Eye Productions, 1994

Dancing in the Dark
Written by Leon Marr; based on the novel by Joan Barfoot; directed by Leon Marr, 1986

Dead Ringers
Written by David Cronenberg and Norman Snider; directed by David Cronenberg, 1987

Le déclin de l'empire américain
Written by Denys Arcand; directed by Denys Arcand
Montreal: Boréal, [1986]

La demoiselle sauvage
Written by Léa Pool, Laurent Gagliardi and Michel Langlois; directed by Léa Pool, 1990

Les dernières fiançailles: Sur un film de Jean Pierre Lefebvre
Written by Jean Pierre Lefebvre
Montreal: Les Editions de Cinématographie; VLB, 1977

Diplomatic Immunity
Written by Steve Lucas and Sturla Gunnarsson; directed by Sturla Gunnarsson, 1991

The Events Leading up to My Death
Written by W.H. Robertson; directed by Bill Robertson, 1990
Seventh draft, June 1990

eXistenz: A Graphic Novel
Written by David Cronenberg; illustrations by Sean Scoffield
Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1999

Written by Atom Egoyan; directed by Atom Egoyan
Toronto: Coach House Press, 1995

Written by Denys Arcand; dossier établi par Pierre Latour, sur un film de Denys Arcand
Montreal: L'Aurore, c1976

Glace Bay Miner's Museum
Written by Gerald Wexler and Mort Ransen; based on stories by Sheldon Currie; directed by Mort Ransen, released as Margaret’s Museum, 1995

Grass: The Paged Experience
Text by Solomon Vesta; based on the film by Ron Mann
Toronto: Warwick Publishing, 2001

The Hanging Garden
Written by Thom Fitzgerald; directed by Thom Fitzgerald, 1996

Hard Core Roadshow: A Screenwriter's Diary
Written by Noel S. Baker; directed by Bruce McDonald
Toronto: Anansi, 1997

Written by Paul Bellini, Josh Levy and Steve McKay; directed by Josh Levy and Andrew Hayes, 1996
Shooting script, 24 August 1996

Highway 61: The Illustrated Screenplay
Design, illustration and script adaptation by Chris Minz; based on the screenplay by Don McKellar, from a story by Don McKellar, Bruce McDonald and Allan Magee; directed by Bruce McDonald
Toronto: William P. Marks, 1991

Une histoire inventée
Written by André Forcier and Jacques Marcotte; directed by André Forcier
Montreal: du Roseau, 1990

I Love a Man in Uniform
Written by David Wellington; directed by David Wellington, 1993

I've Heard the Mermaids Singing
Written by Patricia Rozema; directed by Patricia Rozema, 1986

Jésus de Montréal
Written by Denys Arcand; directed by Denys Arcand
[Montreal]: Boréal, 1989

John and the Missus
Written by Gordon Pinsent; directed by Gordon Pinsent, 1986
Revised May 13, 1986

A Judgement in Stone
Written by Elaine R. Waisglass; adapted from the novel by Ruth Rendell; directed by Ousama Rawi, 1986

Written by Claude Jutra; directed by Claude Jutra, 1973

Léolo: Portrait of a Family Memory
Written by Jean-Claude Lauzon
Montreal: [s.n.], 1990; English translation

Lives of Girls and Women
Written by C.K. Pitts and Kelly Rebar; based on the novel by Alice Munro; directed by Ronald Wilson, 1994

Written by Sharon Riis; story developed by Sharon Riis and Anne Wheeler; directed by Anne Wheeler
Final draft, July 6, 1985

The Making of Monsters
Written by John Greyson; directed by John Greyson, 1991

Written by Avrum Jacobson; based on the autobiography Hey Malarek!; directed by Roger Cardinal, 1989

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
Edited by Mark Achbar; film directed by Peter Wintonick and Mark Achbar
Montreal: Black Rose Books, 1994

Written by Srinivas Krishna; directed by Srinivas Krishna
Toronto: Divani Films, 1990

Mustard Bath
Written by Darrell Wasyk; directed by Darrell Wasyk, 1991

My American Cousin
Written by Sandra Wilson, directed by Sandy Wilson, 1985
Revised August 18, 1984

Nobody Waved Good-Bye
Written by Don Owen; edited by Herman Voaden; directed by Don Owen, 1964
Toronto: Macmillian of Canada, 1971

Les Ordres: Un film de Michel Brault
Written by Michel Brault; dossier établi par Gilles Marsolais
Montreal: L'Aurore, 1975

Written by Richard Benner, from the story by Margaret Gibson Gilboord; directed by Richard Benner
Revised October 1, 1976

The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick
Written by Phil Savath; based on the novel by Morley Torgov; directed by Allan A. Goldstein
Final draft, revised November 17, 1987

Paint Cans
Written by Paul Donovan; directed by Paul Donovan
Draft dated September 23, 1993

Perfectly Normal
Written by Eugene Lipinski and Paul Quarrington; from a story by Eugene Lipinski; directed by Yves Simoneau
Draft dated October 6, 1989

Les Plouffe
Scénario de Roger Lemelin et Gilles Carle; based on the novel by Roger Lemelin; directed by Gilles Carle, 1981

The Red Violin
Written by Don McKellar and François Girard; directed by François Girard
Fourth draft, June 1996

Réjeanne Padovani
Dossier établi par Robert Levesque, sur un film de Denys Arcand
Montreal: L’Aurore, c1975

La Sarrasine
Written by Bruno Ramirez and Paul Tana; directed by Paul Tana
Montreal: Boréal, 1992

The Silent Partner
Written by Curtis Hanson, from the novel Think of a Number by Anders Bodelsen; directed by Daryl Duke, 1978

Speaking Parts
Written by Atom Egoyan; directed by Atom Egoyan
Toronto: Coach House Press, 1993

The Sweet Hereafter
Written by Atom Egoyan; based on the novel by Russell Banks; directed by Atom Egoyan, 1996
Final script, August 1996

Le temps d'une chasse
Dossier établi par Gilles Marsolais; avec la collaboration de Danielle Potvin et Volkmar Ziegler; sur un film de Francis Mankiewicz, 1972
Montreal: Les Editions de Cinématographe; VLB, 1978

Thirty-Two Short Films about Glenn Gould
Written by François Girard and Don McKellar; directed by François Girard, 1993
Toronto: Coach House Press, 1995

The Tin Flute
Written by Claude Fournier and Marie-José Raymond; adapted from the novel by Gabrielle Roy; directed by Claude Fournier, 1983

The Top of His Head
Written by Peter Mettler; directed by Peter Mettler
Preliminary sixth draft, September 22, 1987

Twilight of the Ice Nymphs
Written by George Toles; directed by Guy Maddin, 1996
Second blue script, 19 June 1996

Two Feet, One Angel
Written by Ramiro Puerta and Carl Knutson; directed by Ramiro Puerta
Fourth draft, 27 August 1996

Wedding in White
Written by William Fruet; directed by William Fruet, 1972

White Room
Written by Patricia Rozema; directed by Patricia Rozema
Toronto: Vos Productions, 1989

Whale Music
Written by Paul Quarrington and Richard Lewis; directed by Richard Lewis, 1993

Zero Patience
Written by John Greyson; directed by John Greyson
Dialogue transcript, September 2, 1993