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Calendar (p1993)
Egoyan, Atom

Camera (p2000)
Cronenberg, David

Camilla (r1994)
Mehta, Deepa

Canada Eh! (p1991)
Locherer, J. P.

Canada’s Sweetheart
Canada’s Sweetheart: The Saga of Hal C. Banks
Brittain, Donald

Canadian Brass: A Christmas Experiment (r1998)
Sweete, Barbara Willis

Canadian Brass: Home Movies (r1992)
Fichman, Niv

Canadian Film Centre 1996 Short Dramatic Films (r1996)
Cleveland Wood's Last Day on Earth
Can I Get a Witness?
Deeply Deeply Trunk

Canadian Film Centre 1999 Short Dramatic Films (r1999)
Exhuming Tyler
Eva Meets Felix
Anderson Unbound
When She Comes Back
Deep Cut
Rabbit Punch

Canadian Film Centre Shorts (r1998)
CFC Trailer
Save My Lost Nigga' Soul
The Fairy Who Didn't Want To Be a Fairy Any More
Home for Blind Women

Canadian Short Films, Volume Two (p1990)
Premier regard
The Cancer Box
Mike's Place
All Form, No Substance
Spontaneous Combustion
Unpeopled Space
In 1956...

Cap Tourmente (p1992)
Langlois, Michel

Captains Courageous (r1995)
Anderson, Michael

Careful (p1992)
Maddin, Guy

La Casa del Nonno (p1999)
Sfriso, Lisa

The Cat Strikes Back (p1989)
Barker, Cordell

Caught in the Crossfire (p1991)
Fusca, Martha

Cello Concerto by Robert Schumann (r1996)
Ruggi, Steve

Censored: The Business of Frightened Desires (or The Making of a Pornographer) (p1987)
Frenkel, Vera

Century Hotel (r2001)
Weaver, David

C'est pas la faute à Jacques Cartier (p1967)
Perron, Clément et al.

C'était le 12 du 12 et Chili avait les blues (r1993)
Chili's Blues
Binamé, Charles

The Champagne Safari (p1979–1995)
Bedaux: The Champagne Safari
Ungar, George

The Champions Part III: The Final Battle (p1986)
Brittain, Donald

Le chapeau (p2000)
The Hat
Cournoyer, Michèle

Charlie noir (r2001)
Davidson, Keith

Le chat dans le sac (p1964)
The Cat in the Bag
Groulx, Gilles

Cher Théo
Beaudin, Jean

Children's Choice (r1990)
The Dingles
Paddle to the Sea
A Chairy Tale
Blackberry Subway Jam
Helvin Arbuckle: Famous Canadian
Lady Fishbourne's Complete Guide to Table Manners
The Sweater

Chile, la memoria obstinada (r1997)
Chile, the Obstinate Memory
Guzmán, Patricio

Chinese Chocolate (p1995)
Yan Cui et al.

The Choice (br1995)
Sobel, Mark

Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold (r1996)
Lacourse, Daniele et al.

Cinéma Vérité: Defining the Moment (r1999)
Wintonick, Peter

Citi Sonatina (r1996)
Stephenson, Justin

City of Gold (p1957)
Low, Colin et al.

Clandestins (r1997)
Chouinard, Denis et al.

Clean Rite Cowboy (r2000)
Downing, Michael

Clearcut (r1991)
Bugajski, Richard

The Climb (p1986)
Shebib, Donald

Clive Barker: The Art of Horror (r1992)
The Art of Horror
Holland, Christopher

Closet Case (p1995)
Mead, Wrik

A Coat of Many Colours (p1990)
Wigmore, Donnalu

The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati (r1997)
McNamara, Michael

Coeur de nylon (p1989)
Poulette, Michel

Cold Comfort (r1990)
Sarin, Vic

Cold Feet (r1998)
Allodi, Jim

Cold Journey (p1975)
Defalco, Martin

The Colours of My Father: A Portrait of Sam Borenstein (p1991)
Borenstein, Joyce

Comme un voleur (p1991)
Langlois, Michel

Comment faire l'amour avec un nègre sans se fatiguer (r1989)
How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired
Benoît, Jacques W.

The Company of Strangers (p1990)
Scott, Cynthia

Compilation of 1988 Canadian Film Centre Productions (p1988)
Not Dreaming
The Apprentice
Someone Like You
Grace of God
A Date
Up on the Roof
The Last Dance
Blue Moon
Media Wolf

Compilation of [1988–1989] Canadian Film Centre Productions (p1988–1989)
On the Outside
The Break
Grace of God (Jean Baptiste)
On the Line
Full Circle
Four's a Crowd
Dead Meat
Greenhouse Effect
White People

Compilation of 1989 Canadian Film Centre Productions (p1989)
Shooting the Queen of Sweden
Showtime Gospel
Touch My Lips
Close Relations
West on Queen Street

Compilation of [1989–1990] Canadian Film Centre Productions (p1989–1990)
Love 40
Dead Easy
The Making of "Monsters"
Kumar & Mr. Jones
Love Clinic

Compilation of [1990–1992] Canadian Film Centre Productions (p1990–1992)
Press One to Connect
Beach Story
A Fist, a Nail and Two Windows
The Fairy Who Didn't Want to Be a Fairy Anymore
Half Nelson
Lovely Boys

Compilation of 1992 Canadian Film Centre Productions (p1992)
Half Nelson
Morning Glory
Ten Ways to Abuse an Old Woman
Liquid Bread
Dirty Laundry
Loathly Lady
Lovely Boys
The Fairy Who Didn't Want to Be a Fairy Anymore
The Princess Who Wouldn't Smile

Compilation of 1992 Canadian Film Centre Productions (p1992)
Ten Ways to Abuse an Old Woman
Morning Glory
The Loathly Lady
Liquid Bread
The Princess Who Would Not Smile
Dirty Laundry

Compilation of 1993 Canadian Film Centre Productions (p1993)
La Fabula della bella famillia auf du world
Vox populi
94 Arcana Drive
The Very Dead of Winter

La comtesse de Baton Rouge (r1997)
The Countess of Baton Rouge
Forcier, André

Concierto de Aranjuez (r1993)
Weinstein, Larry

Concrete Angels (r1987)
Liconti, Carlo

Le confessionnal (r1995)
Lepage, Robert

Congratulations (p2000)
Jones, Mike

Conquest (r1998)
Haggard, Piers

Cordélia (p1979) 
Beaudin, Jean

Cosmos (r1996)
Jules et Fanny 
Le technetium
Aurore et Crepuscule
Cosmos et Agriculture

Cotton Candy (r1996)
Bissett, Roshell

Morlando, Nathan

Courts toujours/Shorts on the Run (p1995–2000)
Wedding Knives
Dans un café. Riens de moins

Cowboys Don't Cry (r1988)
Wheeler, Anne

Un crabe dans la tête (r2001)
Soft Shell Man
Turpin, André

Cramps (p1995)
Gay, Penny

Crash (r1996)
Cronenberg, David

Creatures of the Sun (r1997)
Trow, Susan

Crickets (r1998)
Kim, Jane Eun-Hee

Croire (r1998)
Moreco, Lina B.

Crucero/Crossroads (p1993)
Puerta, Ramiro

Cry of the Ancestors: The Art of Manasie Akpaliapik (br1995/11/21)
Williamson, Peter et al.

Crying Freeman (p1994–1995)
Gans, Christophe

Cube (r1997)
Natali, Vincenzo

Cuervo (p1991)
Ferrand, Carlos

Cupid (r1998)
Mead, Wrik

Curse of the Viking Grave (p1991)
Scott, Michael

Curtain Call (br1995)
Jones, Michel

Curtis's Charm (r1995)
L'Ecuyer, John

Cyberman (r2001)
Lynch, Peter

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