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Michael Snow


"I am interested in exploring sound-image relations that are structural and have little or nothing to do with reinforcing narrative (this is sad, this is funny, this is exciting, etc...).

My "Prelude" filmically depicts a scene which in itself is a prelude to a film. However, the sync sound of the acted scene has been rearranged so that it "preludes" (and post-ludes) the visual actions which produced it.

The image and sound are the result of a single tripod panning shot showing Torontonians eating, talking and in a hell of a hurry to get to a Festival screening."

Michael Snow

Michael Snow has a wide and varied career as an artist, musician, and world-renowned filmmaker. He has presented six films at the Festival including DRIPPING WATER, ONE SECOND IN MONTREAL, LA REGION CENTRALE, and SIDE SEAT PAINTINGS SLIDES SOUND FILM, screened in 1984's "Experiments: The Photographic Image". His unique style is also brilliantly captured in two Perspective Canada films SEATED FIGURES (1988) and SEE YOU LATER, AU REVOIR (1990), as well as his 1967 film WAVELENGTH which screened at the Festival in 1992. Snow has been a featured guest several times at Cinematheque Ontario, and was born in 1929 in Toronto.

Writer and Director - Michael Snow
Executive Producer - Niv Fichman
Producer - Jody Shapiro
Co-Producer - Jennifer Weiss
Cinematographer - Luc Montpellier, CSC
Editor - David Wharnsby
Production Designer - Phillip Barker
Sound - John Thomson, David McCallum, Lou Solakofski
Music - CCMC, Michael Snow
Principal Cast - Esther Jun, Diane Sidik, Bill Chan, Tuan Tran, Leanne Poon, Robert Lee
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