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Patricia Rozema

This Might Be Good

"A festival is a concentration of hope. Audiences hungering for something startlingly new, famously familiar or just plain "good". Actors hoping their well-conceived sincerity and ritual entrances have that special glow. Press and critics poised to love or hate lucidly. And proud, desperate filmmakers looking for that little blessing on their latest self-projection. All squeezing together for a few days, in a few rooms wondering whether this will truly be the perfect place at the perfect time. Of course, it rarely is. Mostly it's just a collection of almosts. Delicious, shared almosts."

Patricia Rozema

Three of Patricia Rozema's four feature films as well as her two short films have screened at the Festival. Rozema's first feature I'VE HEARD THE MERMAIDS SINGING made its North American premiere as the Opening Night Gala in 1987, and won two Genie Awards. It re-screened two years later in "Surfacing: Canadian Women's Cinema" at the Festival. Her other films include WHITE ROOM, which screened in Perspective Canada in 1990, and WHEN NIGHT IS FALLING, which won the Audience Choice Award at the Berlin Film Festival in 1995 and was nominated for three Genie Awards. Rozema's film, MANSFIELD PARK, which she also adapted, was a Special Presentation in 1999, and was recently released to critical acclaim. Rozema was born in 1958 and raised in Southern Ontario.

Writer and Director - Patricia Rozema
Executive Producer - Niv Fichman
Producer - Jody Shapiro
Co-Producer - Jennifer Weiss
Cinematographer - André Pienaar, CSC, SASC
Editor - Michelle Czukar
Production Designer - Kathleen Climie
Sound - Bissa, David McCallum, Lou Solakofski
Music - Lesley Barber
Principal Cast - Sarah Polley, Don McKellar, Mark McKinney, Fides Krucker
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