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Peter Morris and Andrew McIntosh
Kass Banning
Kathleen Banning teaches cinema studies at the University of Toronto. She is a co-editor of Gendering the Nation: Canadian Women's Cinema. (University of Toronto Press, 1999). Banning has written extensively on Canadian and diasporic cinemas and is currently working on a book on configurations of race and nation in minoritarian Canadian film.  
Zacharias Kunuk
Atom Egoyan
Clement Virgo
Pamela Cuthbert
Pamela Cuthbert is a writer and editor based in Toronto. Her work has been published in many periodicals including the Economist, Globe and Mail, National Post and the International Herald Tribune's Italy Daily.
Cordell Barker
Wendy Tilby
Richard Condie
Liz Czach
Liz Czach has been a programmer of the Perspective Canada program at the Toronto International Film Festival® since 1995. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Rochester where she has also taught film, media studies and art history. She has published articles in The Moving Image and Take One.
It’s All Gone Pete Tong
Saint Ralph
Is the Crown at War with Us?
Sight Under Construction
When Ponds Freeze Over
Neuvaine, La
Horloge biologique
Simple Curve, A
La Moitié gauche du frigo

John Greyson
Kathryn Elder
Kathryn Elder is the film and video librarian at York University Libraries and editor of The Films of Joyce Wieland (Cinematheque Ontario, 1999) and The Films of Jack Chambers (Cinematheque Ontario, 2002).
Joyce Wieland
Jack Chambers
Sean Farnel
A graduate of the cinema studies program at Concordia University, Sean Farnel is a programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival Group.
Naked Lunch
Seth Feldman
Seth Feldman teaches in the department of film and video at York University, where he holds the honorific title of university professor. He is the writer/presenter of 23 documentaries for the CBC program IDEAS and was the curator of the Allan King retrospective at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival®.
Allan King
Chris Gehman
Chris Gehman is a Toronto-based independent filmmaker and a film and video programmer. He is currently the artistic director of the Images Festival, and previously worked as a programmer and editor at Cinematheque Ontario. His writing has appeared in Millennium Film Journal, Cinema Scope, Broken Pencil, Take One and other periodicals.
passing through/torn formations
Like a Dream That Vanishes
Moose Jaw: There's a Future in Our Past
Richard Fung
Marc Glassman
Marc Glassman is a Toronto arts journalist, film programmer, and editor of several books on Canadian film. He is also the proprietor of Pages Bookstore and recently became editor of Montage magazine, published by the Director's Guild of Canada.
Alanis Obomsawin
Steve Gravestock
Steve Gravestock is the manager of festival programming at the Toronto International Film Festival Group. He is a contributing editor for Cinema Scope and a frequent contributor to Take One and Festival Magazine. He has written extensively about Canadian and international cinema.
Cowboy and Indian
I, Claudia
Gallery: A View of Time
Snow in Venice
Toronto Jazz
Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico, The
Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Leonard Cohen
Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire
Unfinished Business
You Don't Back Down
High Steel
Notes for a Film About Donna & Gail
Richler of St. Urbain Street
Man Feel Pain
Deepa Mehta
Ron Mann
Jean Pierre Lefebvre
Piers Handling
Piers Handling has been Festival Director at the Toronto International Film Festival® since 1994, and was responsible for co-founding the Festival's Perspective Canada program. Handling has organized numerous programmes including major retrospectives of Canadian, Latin American, Italian and Hungarian cinema. He has written extensively on Canadian cinema and has been published in numerous film journals.
Michael Rubbo
Gilles Carle
Jean Pierre Lefebvre
Peter Harcourt
Peter Harcourt is a writer, teacher and programmer who lives in Ottawa. He is the author of Six European Directors (Penguin, 1974), Movies & Mythologies (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1977) and A Canadian Journey: Conversations with Time (Oberon, 1994).
willing voyeur, the
Richard Hancox
Philip Hoffman
Micheline Lanctôt
George Kaltsounakis
George Kaltsounakis is the editor of Cinematheque Ontario's programme guide. He is a freelance writer with a Master of Fine Arts degree in York University's Film and Video programme.
Norman Jewison
Peter Mettler
Jeremy Podeswa
Allan King
Allan King is an internationally acclaimed Canadian filmmaker who helped pioneer the cinéma vérité documentary style. King was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. An advocate of filmmakers' rights, he was a member of the Council of Canadian Filmmakers in the seventies and a former president of the Director's Guild of Canada. His films have won many awards and retrospectives of his work have been shown in London, Rome, Montréal, and Toronto.
André Loiselle
André Loiselle PhD teaches film studies at Carleton University. He has published books on the films of Denys Arcand (1995), Anne Claire Poirier's Mourir à Tue-Tête (2000) and feature film adaptations of Canadian and Quebec drama (2003). He is currently working on a book on the films of Michel Brault.
Anne Claire Poirier
Gilles Groulx
Léa Pool
Francis Mankiewicz
Kyo Maclear
Kyo Maclear is an independent writer and editor based in Toronto. Her work has been published in several art and culture magazines, including Toronto Life, Brick, Mix, Fuse and This Magazine.
Sea in the Blood
Jason McBride
Jason McBride is a Toronto-based filmmaker and freelance writer. His writing on film has appeared in the National Post, Take One, Cinema Scope and Toronto Life.
Mike Hoolboom
Guy Maddin
Andrew McIntosh
An independent writer and programmer, Andrew McIntosh holds a B.A. in Canadian history and an M.A. in film and media studies. He is a frequent contributor to Festival Magazine and POV Magazine and has worked for the National Film Board, the Toronto International Film Festival Group and numerous Toronto-based film festivals.
Blue Skies
Black Christmas
Elles étaient cinq
Buster Keaton Rides Again
Âme noire – Black Soul
Evelyn: The Cutest Evil Dead Girl
Requiem pour un beau sans-coeur
The Stone of Folly
Wilby Wonderful
The Outside Chance of Maximillian Glick
Moccasin Flats
Strange Invaders
Men with Brooms
I Shout Love
Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico, The
Neuvaine, La
Simple Curve, A
History of Violence, A
Where the Truth Lies
World Stopped Watching, The
The Animal Movie
Big Girl
Le Chapeau
Better Than Chocolate
Frank's Cock
Le Paysagiste/Mindscape
Street Musique
Letters from Home
What Remains of Us
Quest for Fire
V for Victory
Ted Kotcheff
Maury Chaykin
Denis Villeneuve
Marie-Josée Croze
Bruce Greenwood
Molly Parker
John Spotton
Jackie Burroughs
Lionel Chetwynd
Pascale Bussières
Daniel Petrie
Arsinée Khanjian
Michael Dowse
Christopher Hinton
Sarah Polley
Al Razutis
Vic Sarin
Wiebke Von Carolsfeld
Pierre Lamy
Paul Jay
Sheila McCarthy
François Prévost
Nettie Wild
Ryan Larkin
Maurice Bulbulian
Frank C. Badgley
Ted Allan
Rudy Buttignol
Ghyslaine Côté
Andrea Dorfman
Sydney Newman
Chris Abraham
F.R. Crawley
Daniel Roby
Hugo Latulippe
Peter Lynch
Elias Koteas
Mark Irwin
Chris Landreth
Gordon Pinsent
Colm Feore
Graham Greene
Donald Sutherland
André Lamy
Gabriel Arcand
Manon Briand
Roman Kroitor
Bruce LaBruce
Lewis Furey
Bob Clark
Daniel MacIvor
Camelia Frieberg
Michael McGowan
Callum Keith Rennie
Peter Raymont
Paul Gross
Rebecca Jenkins
Jim Allodi
Michael Mabbot
Aubrey Nealon
Louise Archambault
Ricardo Trogi
Hubert Aquin
Jean-Marc Vallée
Zale R. Dalen
Bernard Émond
Louis Applebaum
Margot Kidder
Christopher Plummer
Robert Morin
John Kemeny
Peter Pearson
David Verrall
Garth H. Drabinsky
Guy L. Coté
Terence Macartney-Filgate
Jacques Bobet
Velcrow Ripper
Vincenzo Natali
Sturla Gunnarsson
John Weldon
Helen Shaver
John Fawcett
Keith Behrman
George Dunning
Alexandra Raffé
Tantoo Cardinal
Judith Crawley
Tom McSorley
Tom McSorley is executive director of the Canadian Film Institute (a division of Cinematheque Canada). He also teaches Canadian cinema at Carleton University and is a contributing editor at Take One magazine. McSorley is also a freelance film and theatre critic for CBC Radio One.
William D. MacGillivray
Peter Morris
Peter Morris is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Film & Video at York University. Prior to that he taught film studies at Queen's University. He has written numerous articles and books on film, including Embattled Shadows: A History of Canadian Cinema 1885-1939 (McGill-Queen's University Press, 1992), The Film Companion (Irwin, 1984), and David Cronenberg: A Delicate Balance (ECW Press, 1993).
God's Crucible
Dans nos forêts
The Boy Who Stopped Niagara
Cameron of the Royal Mounted
Alexis Ladouceur, Métis
Les Petits Arpents
Temiscaming Quebec
An Unselfish Love
The Song that Reached His Heart
Whispering City/La Fortress
Homme aux oiseaux, L'
Golden Gloves
By Their Own Strength
Drug Addict
En pays neufs
R.C.M.P. File 1365 – The Connors Case
Glengarry School Days
The Great Shadow
Hiawatha, The Messiah of the Ojibway
À la croisée des chemins
Les Brûlés
The Back-Breaking Leaf
The Case of Charlie Gordon
Coal Face, Canada
Drying Up the Streets
The Grievance
His Destiny
Jeunesse Année O.
On a raison de se révolter
Deux femmes en or
Hiver bleu, L'
Il était une fois dans l'est
The Man from Glengarry
The Open Grave
Opera School
A Musician in the Family
Our Northern Neighbour
The People Between
A Place to Stand
Richesse des autres
The Rising Tide
Les Servants du bon dieu
Le Soleil a pas d'chance
This Generation: A Prairie Romance
Ti-cul Tougas
Le Grand Film ordinaire ou Jeanne d'Arc n'est pas morte, se porte bien, et vit au Québec
It's a Crime
Lest We Forget
Monkeys in the Attic A Film of Exploding Dreams
Montréal Blues
The Most
Sailors of the Guard
Secrets of Chinatown
The Tar Sands
Tu brûles … tu brûles ...
Women Are Warriors
World in a Marsh
Rose's House
Bye Baby Bunting
The Seven Hundred Million
War for Men's Minds, The
Wives’ Tale/Une histoire de femmes, A
Maurice Bulbulian
Frank C. Badgley
René Bail
Ron Alexander
Donald Shebib
Guy Borremans
Kenneth J. Bishop
Louis Applebaum
Mark Peranson
Mark Peranson is editor and publisher of Cinema Scope magazine and a programmer for the Vancouver International Film Festival. He is a frequent contributor to The Village Voice and the Globe and Mail.
Tales from the Gimli Hospital
Bruce Sweeney
Christine Ramsay
Christine Ramsay teaches Canadian cinema at the University of Regina. She has published articles on directors David Cronenberg, John Greyson, Jean-Claude Lauzon, Don Shebib and David Wellington. She is currently at work on a book on masculinity, affect and death in Canadian cinema, and is beginning research on documentary filmmaker Evelyn Spice Cherry.
David Cronenberg
Evelyn Cherry
Mina Shum
Theresa Rowat
Theresa Rowat is an archivist and heritage policy-analyst based in Toronto. She specializes in audio-visual heritage issues and collections management. Currently, she is consulting archivist for the Film Reference Library, the Spiess Archive at William F. White Ltd. and is active in dance heritage advocacy.
Don McKellar
Bruce McDonald
Tammy Stone
Tammy Stone is a freelance writer and journalist based in Toronto. Since graduating with a Master of Arts (film theory) from York University's film and video department, she has written on cinema for several publications internationally.
Jean-Claude Lauzon
Thom Fitzgerald
Bart Testa
Bart Testa teaches cinema studies at the University of Toronto. He is the author of Spirit in the Landscape (Art Gallery of Ontario, 1989) and Back and Forth: Early Cinema and the Avant-Garde (Art Gallery of Ontario, 1992), and edited Pier Paolo Pasolini: Contemporary Perspectives (University of Toronto Press, 1994). His writings on Canadian film include a recent essay on Arcand's Decline of the American Empire in Canada's Best Features: Critical Essays on 15 Canadian Films (edited by Gene Walz, Rodopi, 2002).
The Book of All the Dead
Richard Kerr
Barbara Sternberg
Bruce Elder
Michael Snow
Pierre Véronneau
Pierre Véronneau is an established historian of Canadian film, and is curator of Quebec and Canadian cinema, and the film-related collection at the Cinémathèque québécoise in Montréal. He is also a professor of cinema at Concordia University and the Université de Montréal. He recently published David Cronenberg: la beauté du chaos (Cerf-Corlet, 2003). Véronneau's articles have appeared in many books and reviews, including Moving Image, Film History, 1895, Cinémas, Canadian Journal of Film Studies, Revue d'histoire de l'Amérique française, and others.
Pierre Perrault
Michel Brault
Jerry White
Jerry White is Assistant Professor of Film Studies at the University of Alberta, where he is also President of the Canadian Association for Irish Studies. He has published widely on Canadian cinema including, as co-editor, North of Everything: English-Canadian Cinema Since 1980 (University of Alberta Press, 2002), and as editor, The Cinema of Canada (Wallflower Press, 2006).
The Top of His Head
Eastern Avenue
Lancalot Freely
Tectonic Plates
Wyndham Wise
Wyndham Wise is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Take One and editor of Take One's Essential Guide to Canadian Film, (University of Toronto Press, 2001).
Robert Lantos
Ivan Reitman

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