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Brave Films, Wild Nights

25 Years of Festival Fever
The Poster Tour
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The Brave Films, Wild Nights Poster Tour was created to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Toronto International Film Festival and the 10th Anniversary of the Film Reference Library in the year 2000. The Film Reference Library houses a poster collection of approximately 10,000 titles that are rarely displayed. This anniversary was an opportunity to bring the collection to the public. The poster tour travelled to 18 Canadian venues, 14 of which are Film Circuit centres. The Film Circuit is a division of the Toronto International Film Festival and makes films available to local communities that do not have the resources to deliver Festival type programming.

The title and backdrop for the tour comes from the Festival History written for the 25th Anniversary by Brian D. Johnson called Brave Films, Wild Nights: 25 Years of Festival Fever.

The exhibit spans the 25-year history of the Festival, from 1976 to 1999, during which time 5,790 films were screened. The selected posters, a small fraction of the total, represent the best of the Festival's discoveries, some rediscoveries, and all of the rich and adventurous programming that has become a defining trademark of the Toronto International Film Festival.

The posters were chosen for their respective abilities to evoke the essence of a film. Posters exist, in a utilitarian way, to market the films they represent. The very best, however, can also be viewed as art. A poster can bring us into the world of the film with a single striking and enduring image. They entice us to see the film, and, afterward, remind us of what we saw, felt, and experienced.

Curator, Sylvia Frank Director, The Film Reference Library

Funding for the original tour was provided by the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund

25 X 25 Film Project

25 x 25, sponsored by the Ontario Media Development Corporation, was a project that was created to help celebrate the Festival's 25th anniversary. Visiting Canadian and international filmmakers, equipped with nothing more than a digital video camera and their imagination, were invited to document their experiences during a 25-hour period at the 25th Festival.

"Our partnership on this initiative was a fitting tribute to the 25th Anniversary of TIFF," commented Adam Ostry, Chief Executive Officer of the OMDC (1999-2002). "The 25 X 25 initiative showcased the rise of the digital age which is increasing the opportunity of emerging filmmakers to put their stories on screen."

We're proud to exclusively showcase several film shorts created for the 25X25 project here.

You will need the free Real Player to view these clips. Choose your connection speed:

Title Director    
Untitled Andrea Dorfman Hi-speed Dial-up
Topping John Greyson Hi-speed Dial-up
Dog Days of Summer Janis Cole Hi-speed Dial-up
Thank You Semi Chellas Hi-speed Dial-up
Untitled Paul Cox Hi-speed Dial-up
Toronto, Toronto Mahamat-Saleh Haroun Hi-speed Dial-up
Testy Clement Virgo Hi-speed Dial-up
All I Need is Sync Paul Carrière Hi-speed Dial-up

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