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Canada's Ten Best: 1984, 1993 & 2004 Film Surveys
Canada's Ten Best film surveys†highlight the richness of the Perspective Canada program, the highly popular showcase of Canadian film featured†every year†at the†Toronto International Film Festivalģ. The Canada's Ten Best film titles were selected by an international poll of film critics, historians, filmmakers and members of the Canadian film industry.

The first poll, in 1984, heralded the inaugural year of the Perspective Canada program, and the 1993 list celebrated the program's 10th anniversary. In a remark that holds true today, Piers Handling, Festival director, described the 1984 list: 

ďThese are the jewels in the crown of Canadian cinema. They are our classics and should be seen by every Canadian. If anyone is interested in a quick overview of Canadian cinema, this is it."

For more of the best in Canadian film, check out TIFFG's Canada's Top Ten.

The 2004 poll follows similar lines and suggests an even greater consensus with six of the films from the 1993 poll reappearing. To download a pdf of the 2004 poll, please click here. You will require Adobeģ Acrobatģ Reader to view and print these files. Click here to read the Canada's Top Ten Films of All Time press release.¬†

(several films tied)

1.  Mon oncle Antoine (1971, Claude Jutra)  
2.  Jesus of Montreal (1988, Denys Arcand)  
3.  The Sweet Hereafter (1997, Atom Egoyan)  
4.  Goin' Down the Road (1970, Don Shebib) 
5.  Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) (2001, Zacharias Kunuk)  
6.  Dead Ringers (1988, David Cronenberg)  
7.  Les ordres (1974, Michel Brault)  
8.¬† Les bons dťbarras (1980, Francis Mankiewicz)¬†
9.¬† Le Dťclin de l'empire amťricain¬†(1986, Denys Arcand)¬†
10. Les Invasions barbares (2003, Denys Arcand)


1.  Mon oncle Antoine (1971, Claude Jutra)    
2.  Jesus of Montreal (1988, Denys Arcand) 
3.  Goin' Down the Road (1970, Don Shebib) 
4.  The Decline of the American Empire (1986, Denys Arcand) 
5.¬† Les bons dťbarras (1980, Francis Mankiewicz)¬†
6.  Les ordres (1974, Michel Brault)  
7.  The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (1974, Ted Kotcheff) 
8.  The Grey Fox (1982, Phillip Borsos) 
9.  I've Heard the Mermaids Singing (1987, Patricia Rozema) 
10. The Adjuster (1991, Atom Egoyan)


1.  Mon oncle Antoine (1971, Claude Jutra)
2.  Goin' Down the Road (1970, Don Shebib)
3.¬† Les bons dťbarras¬†(1980, Francis Mankiewicz)
4.  The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (1974, Ted Kotcheff)
5.  The Grey Fox (1982, Phillip Borsos) 
     Les ordres (1974, Michel Brault)    
6.  J.A. Martin photographe (1976, Jean Beaudin)
     Pour la suite du monde (1963, Pierre Perreault and Michel Brault) 
7.  Nobody Waved Goodbye (1964, Don Owen)
     La vraie nature de Bernadette (1972, Gilles Carle)

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