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Canada's Top Ten
Canada's Top Ten is a unique annual event, established in 2001 by the Toronto International Film Festival Group to recognize and honour excellence in Canadian cinema.

The List celebrates and promotes contemporary Canadian cinema and is intended to raise public awareness of Canadian achievements. An independent 10-member national Panel comprised of filmmakers, programmers, journalists, and industry professionals vote on the best Canadian films of the year, which can include features, shorts, documentaries, animation, and experimental films.

Each film selected as part of Canada's Top Ten must have either premiered at a Canadian film festival (not necessarily the Toronto International Film Festivalģ) or had a commercial theatrical release in Canada within the calendar year. The List is published alphabetically and without any preferential order.¬†

Canada's Top Ten 2003

The List was announced at an industry event on Tuesday, December 16, 2003.  To view the 2003 selections, visit the Official Web site at

20h17, rue darling, Bernard …mond¬†
The Corporation, Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott 
Dying at Grace, Allan King 
La Face cachťe de¬†la lune, Robert Lepage¬†
Falling Angels, Scott Smith 
Les Invasions barbares, Denys Arcand 
Love, Sex and Eating the Bones, Sudz Sutherland 
My Life Without Me, Isabel Coixet 
On the Corner, Nathaniel Geary 
The Saddest Music in the World, Guy Maddin

Canada's Top Ten 2002

The official announcement regarding Canada's Top Ten 2002 was made January 21, 2003. To view the 2002 selections, visit the Official Web site at

Ararat, Atom Egoyan
Flower and Garnet, Keith Behrman  
Ocťan, Catherine Martin
Tom, Mike Hoolboom
Gambling, Gods and LSD, Peter Mettler
Le NŤg', Robert Morin
Spider, David Cronenberg
La Turbulence des fluides/Chaos and Desire, Manon Briand

Canada's Top Ten 2001 

Note: The links are to film title and filmmaker entries in the Canadian Film Encyclopedia. Films titles are listed in alphabetical order.

Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner), Zacharias Kunuk
Une crabe dans la tÍte/A Crab in the Head, Andrť Turpin
La femme qui boit/The Woman Who Drinks, Bernard Emond 
Ginger Snaps, John Fawcett
The Heart of the World, Guy Maddin
, Asghar Massombagi 
Last Wedding, Bruce Sweeney
Mariages/Marriages, Catherine Martin
Parsley Days, Andrea Dorfman
The Uncles, Jim Allodi

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