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This selected list of video versions of films produced in Canada (including Canadian co-productions) is part of the Film Reference Library's study collection. The titles are available for viewing onsite at the FRL for personal research purposes only.

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Browsing the video list

Keys to understanding the information on the list:

1. TITLES: The list is sorted by the original language film title or film series title highlighted in bold text. Some of the videos are compilations of shorts or features and these individual titles are highlighted with italics. Alternate or translation titles are also in italics.

2. Both English and French title information has been listed where possible. English subtitled versions of the video are available when possible. 
3. YEAR: Different dates may appear following the title in parentheses. If the date represents the year the production was completed, it is preceded by a "p"; if it represents the year of release, it is indicated by an "r"; and if the production was broadcast on television, "br" precedes the date. 
4. DIRECTOR: The name of the director is listed below the title information. 
5. ALPHABETICAL ORDER: Locate videos on the list by the first letter of the film title, ignoring articles, i.e., a, an, the, un, une, le, la, les, etc. For example, select "S" from the alphabet menu to find out if we have a video version of The Sweet Hereafter by Atom Egoyan. Numbers are listed first (under 1,2...) and are listed in sequence from smallest to largest number, not by first number only.

Throughout the video list, there are links to entries in the Canadian Film Encyclopedia. When a title or director name is highlighted on the list, the link will take you directly to the CFE entry for that film title or person.

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Abe's Manhood(p2000)
Nealon, Aubrey

(ab)Normal (p1995)
Auger, Isabelle et al.

L'absent (r1997)
The Absent One
Baril, Céline

Academy Award Winners, Animated Short Films (p1959–1983)
Sundae in New York
The Hole
Closed Mondays 
Morton, Cara

The Act of the Heart (p1970)
Almond, Paul

Acts of Defiance (p1992)
MacLeod, Alec G.

The Adjuster (r1991)
with En passant
Egoyan, Atom

Adrift (r1993)
Duguay, Christian

After (r2001)
Lamarque, Byron

After Eden (p2000)
Price, John

After the Axe (p1981)
Gunnarsson, Sturla

After the Harvest (p2000)
Podeswa, Jeremy

After the Montreal Massacre (r1990)
Rogers, Gerry

L'âge des images I : Le pornolithique (p1994)
The Age of Images I: The Pornolithic Age
Lefebvre, Jean Pierre

L'âge des images II : L'écran invisible (p1994)
The Age of Images II: The Invisible Screen
Lefebvre, Jean Pierre

L'âge des images III : Comment filmer Dieu (p1994)
The Age of Images III: How to Film God
Lefebvre, Jean Pierre

L'âge des images IV : Mon chien n'est pas mort (p1995)
The Age of Images IV: My Dog Isn't Dead
Lefebvre, Jean Pierre

L'âge des images V : La passion de l'innocence (p1995)
The Age of Images V: The Passion of Innocence
Lefebvre, Jean Pierre

Agnes of God (p1985)
Jewison, Norman 
Alejandro Cotto : Un pionero del cine en El Salvador
Escalón, Guillermo 
Alias Will James
Godbout, Jacques

All in Good Taste (p1981)
Kramreither, Anthony

All That Bach (p1985)
Weinstein, Larry

Alone (p1996)
Romilly, Jason

The Amateur (p1981)
Jarrott, Charles

Âme noire (r2001)
Black Soul
Chartrand, Martine

America, Love It or Leave It (p1990)
Shandel, Tom

American Boyfriends (p1989)
Wilson, Sandy 
American Nightmare
McBrearty, Don

L'amour l'amour Shut the Door por favor (r1998)
Buhagiar, Valerie

Anar (r1998)
Jafari, Beeta

Anatomy of Desire (p1995)
Monette, Jean-François et al.

L'ange de goudron (r2001)
Tar Angel
Chouinard, Denis

Angel in a Cage (r1999)
Gomes, Mary Jane

L'animafête 87 (p1987)
L'heure des anges / Nightangel
Oniromance / Oneiromancy
Adieu bipède
Itinéraire / Itinerary
Si seulement... / If Only...
Charles et François

Animation: A Touch of Fantasy (r1990)
The Cat came Back
Special Delivery
The Sand Castle
The Romance of Transportation in Begone Dull Care
What on Earth
Cosmic Zoom
Boogie Doodle
Street musique

Animation: Reflections (r1990)
George and Rosemary
The Big Snit
The Street
Every Child
Why Me
Bead Game

Ann and Maddy (p1993)
Booth, Donald

Anna à la lettre C (r1996)
Anna with the Letter C
Brochu, Hugo

Anne of Green Gables (p1985)
Sullivan, Kevin

Apprendre... ou à la laisser (p1990)
Beaudry, Diane

Un arbre avec un chapeau (r2001)
A Tree with a Hat
Sanchez, Pascal

Archangel (p1990)
Maddin, Guy

Arrowhead (p1994)
Lynch, Peter

The Art of Woo (r2001)
Lee, Helen

As Long as the Rivers Flow (p1991)
The Learning Path
Flooding Job's Garden
Starting Fire with Gunpowder
Time Immemorial

The Assistant (r1997)
Petrie, Daniel 
Atomic saké
Archambault, Louise

Au chic resto pop (p1990)
Rached, Tahani

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