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Reproduction Requests
The Film Reference Library does not loan materials from its collection for reproduction. Requests for reproduction of any audio-visual (A/V) material held by the Film Reference Library (a division of the Toronto International Film Festival Group) are subject to Library approval. The collections are for research and educational purposes with reproduction of material done in accordance with the Canadian Copyright law. The Library reserves the right to approve requests for reproductions from its materials in accordance with its Acquisition Policy.

On this page, you will find useful information about the following services: 

Reproduction of slides, photographs and transparencies
Reproduction of audio and video recordings
Ordering A/V reproductions

Reproduction of slides, photographs and transparencies 

Please contact the FRL directly for more information about the reproduction of photographs, slides and transparencies from the FRL collections. Fees are determined on a cost-recovery basis and can range from $22 for a single colour-slide reproduction to $52 for one 8 x 10 black-and-white print.

An alternative to reproduction is a digital scan, an option that many of our Library users choose. For scanning fees and services, go to the Digital Image Requests section.

For details about print and slide reproduction, contact the Library at

Reproduction of audio and video recordings

FRL Audio recording................. $10.00 per cassette
FRL Video recording................. $20.00 per hour of tape

Special Collections recording.....Dubbing/transfer costs (current rate of lab used by the Library)

The customer is responsible for delivery or courier fees.

Download/print A/V reproduction request form 
Download/print  Copyright Acknowledgement Statement

Ordering A/V reproductions

This checklist will guide you through the process of requesting reproductions of audio or videotape.

1: Does the FRL have the video or audio recording you are looking for? 
If you dont know, please contact the FRL via the reference desk (tel:
416-967-1517) to ask if we have the material you are looking for.

PLEASE NOTE that the Library will not reproduce titles that are in its video collection. The only material that is available for reproduction is material which is owned by the Toronto International Film Festival Group.

2: Have you downloaded and completed the applicable sections of the printable-faxable request form?  
Link to downloadable A/V Reproduction Request Form

Please take advantage of this form to fill in your name and contact details, your method of payment and other pertinent details. You are required to make payment arrangements in advance of the order being filled; invoices will only be issued for orders over $200 CDN, although partial or full advance payment may still be required. The Library staff will return the completed form to you by fax showing the total amount and providing any additional information related to your request.

3: Have you included the delivery information? 
Don't forget to indicate how you would like to receive the material you have requested on your request form. You will be responsible for all mailing, shipping or courier fees. The FRL staff can supply more information regarding the options available to you.

4: Have you signed and faxed the Copyright Acknowledgement Statement? 
The FRL will reproduce the material requested on the understanding that it is for educational and study purposes only. Your signature acknowledges that you will comply with the Copyright Acknowledgement Statement. (Use these links to go to the Copyright Acknowledgement Statement or review the general Copyright Guidelines.)

Should you need to contact Library Services, please click here to fill out the query form.

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