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Digital Image Requests
The Film Reference Library does not loan materials from its collection for reproduction. Scanning services are now available in order to provide timely, low-cost access to the Library’s image archives. The Library reserves the right to approve requests for scans from the collection in accordance with its Acquisition Policy.

On this page, you will find the following useful information:

Outline of fees
How to order a digital image scan
Order processing time
File output
The fine print

To make a request, you will need these forms, which are available here in pdf format or by contacting the FRL:

Digital Image Request form
Copyright Acknowledgement Statement

Outline of fees

12-bit Greyscale output

  • Low resolution (150 dpi): 
    • 3 x 5; 5 x 7; 8 x 10.... $14.00 
    • 11 x 14...................... $18.00 
  • High resolution (300 dpi): 
    • 3 x 5; 5 x 7................ $14.00 
    • 8 x 10........................ $20.00 
    • 11 x 14...................... $24.00

36-bit Colour output

  • Low resolution (150 dpi): 
    • 3 x 5; 5 x 7................. $14.00 
    • 8 x 10......................... $18.00 
    • 11 x 14....................... $24.00 
  • High resolution (300 dpi): 
    • 3 x 5........................... $18.00 
    • 5 x 7; 8 x 10............... $24.00 
    • 11 x 14....................... $34.00

How to order a digital image scan

Use the following checklist to guide you through the process of ordering a digital image scan.

1. Does the FRL have the image(s) you are looking for? 
If you don’t know, please contact the FRL via the reference desk (tel:
416-967-1517) to ask if we have the material you are looking for. It is important to have the correct information (film title, director/personality name) to assist in this research.

2. Have you set up an appointment to view available images and make your selections? 
There are often multiple images available for individual film titles or personalities. You can set up a research appointment with the client services manager to select images. These appointments are usually scheduled in the morning. If you are not in the Toronto area, the Library staff will describe the images to the best of their ability over the telephone or via email in order to assist you in making a selection.

3. Have you downloaded and completed the appropriate sections of the printable-faxable request form? 
Select the pdf format Digital Image Request form

Please take advantage of the form to fill in your name and contact information, your method of payment and other pertinent details. You are required to make payment arrangements in advance of the order being filled; invoices will only be issued for orders over $200 CDN and partial or full advance payment may still be required.

The Library staff will return the completed form to you by fax showing the total amount and providing any additional information related to your request.

4. Have you included the scanning and delivery specifications? 
Please include the dpi or resolution specifications for your final image (usually 300 dpi for print applications), size of the image for output and preferred delivery method: i.e., Do you want to receive this image via email or on CD sent by courier?

All of these details are required to complete a request. The FRL staff can supply more information regarding the options available to you.

5. Have you signed and faxed the Copyright Acknowledgement Statement? 
You must sign and fax the Copyright Acknowledgement Statement along with your completed order indicating that you understand and accept responsibility for copyright clearances for any of the images you have requested from the FRL collections.

As stated, the FRL does not clear copyright for digital image requests. We will supply you with any information we have related to the copyright, although we cannot be responsible for its accuracy.

Use these links to go to the Copyright Acknowledgement Statement or to review the general Copyright Guidelines.

Order processing time
Please allow a minimum of 48 hours to process orders. Extra large orders may require additional processing time; please ask when ordering. Please allow an extra 24 hours for orders to be output to CD.

File output
Files can be output to floppy disk or CD. Customers can supply the CD or floppy disk. CDs supplied by the FRL are subject to additional fees. CDs are burned for a fee of $10.

It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the resolution required, the compatible output file format, and the compatible media format for their needs. The Film Reference Library does not accept responsibility for any problems arising from incorrect specifications provided by the customer. Unfortunately, we cannot output files to Mac disks; however, we can output in Mac-compatible file formats.

The fine print
The Film Reference Library does not scan images supplied by the customer or a third-party source. Scans can be provided for black-and-white or colour stills, 35mm negatives and 35mm slides from the FRL collections. 

  • All scanning services are subject to a $15 handling fee per order. Note: This fee is waived for Library members in good standing.
  • All prices are subject to 6% GST, which is included in the order total. 
  • Prices are for a full-frame scan; image may be enlarged or reduced from the original at the customer’s request (certain restrictions apply). 
  • Cropping, digital retouching and colour correction services are not provided by the FRL. 
  • Research fees apply, at a cost of $80 per hour for in-depth photo research. See the In-Depth Research Requests page.

Should you need to contact Library Services, please click here to fill out the query form.

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