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The Special Collections include the documentation of early work, script development and production by some of Canada's great film auteurs. They boast all three drafts of Naked Lunch, a handwritten script for Speaking Parts, an annotated script from The Sweet Hereafter, the third version of Roadkill and the original script from the classic Goin' Down the Road.

The Library began acquiring the collections of notable Canadian filmmakers and film professionals in 1990 with extensive donations from David Cronenberg and Atom Egoyan. Currently, there are eight filmmaker collections among the Special Collections, plus archives from celebrity interviewer Brian Linehan, actor/director Al Waxman, photographer Jack Pashkovsky, publicist Prudence Emery and Canadian film magazine Cinema Canada.

The Special Collections are fully archived to assist Canadian film researchers and scholars, producers, journalists, critics and others with an interest in these important artists and film professionals. In addition to scripts, they also feature storyboards, notes and other documentation, music scores, set designs and memorabilia.

For brief descriptions of the collections, including a more in-depth listing of materials in certain collections, see the Special Collections Descriptions.

For more details about policies and gaining access to the Special Collections, please consult our how-to guide, by selecting How to Access.

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