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1976 Gala Presentation

FRANCE, 1976
DIRECTOR: Jeanne Moreau
PRODUCER: Claire Duval
SCREENPLAY: Jeanne Moreau
PRINCIPAL CAST: Jeanne Moreau, Francine Racette, Lucía Bosé, Caroline Cartier, François Simon

FILM SYNOPSIS: A drama about four actresses at different stages in their careers. Over the course of a week together, they make significant decisions about their lives and their relationships.

FESTIVAL HISTORY: The first Festival attracted 7,000 people a day and hosted its first celebrity, the esteemed French actress, Jeanne Moreau. Moreau was in Toronto with her directorial debut, Lumière, a meditative, autobiographical film about four actresses, the youngest played by Quebec's Francine Racette.

Lumière drew on both Moreau's life as a woman and on her extensive work in the French cinema. The plot centered on a week in the lives of the four actresses, each at a different stage in her career. Its milieu, however, was the French cinema, and its greatest inspiration came from Moreau's life-long love affair with film.

Moreau's Lumière led a strong cohort of films by women in the Festival's first year, with new features by directors such as France's Marguerite Duras, Belgium's Chantal Akerman, and USA's Martha Coolidge.

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