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Ron Alexander

Ron Alexanderb. February 16, 1917, West New York, New Jersey; d. April 24, 1995, The Bronx, New York

As sound mixer for the National Film Board, Ron Alexander’s name appears on the credits of more NFB films than that of anyone else, with the exception of his colleague Roger Lamoureux. Alexander joined the NFB’s technical-research department in 1948, and became a cameraman with the News Unit before becoming a sound mixer.

Some of his credits include such indelible and seminal films as Michel Brault and Gilles Groulx’s Les Raquetteurs (1958), Colin Low’s Circle of the Sun (1960), Wolf Koenig and Roman Kroitor’s Lonely Boy (1962), Gerald Potterton’s My Financial Career (1962), Don Haldane’s Drylanders (1962), Don Owen’s Nobody Waved Good-bye (1964), Owen and Donald Brittain’s Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Leonard Cohen (1965), Pierre Perrault’s Pour la suite du monde (1962) and Le Règne du jour (1967), John Spotton’s Buster Keaton Rides Again (1965), Bill Mason's Paddle to the Sea (1966), and Tanya Ballantyne's The Things I Cannot Change (1967).

Alexander left the NFB in 1971 to teach film studies and production at Stanford University.

By Peter Morris

Film and video work includes

Bottleneck, 1954 (cinematographer)
Operation Life Saver, 1956 (cinematographer)
L’Année à la ferme, 1957 (sound)
Black and White in South Africa, 1957 (sound)
Can It Hold Together?, 1957 (sound)
Colonialism: Ogre or Angel?, 1957 (sound)
The Colonies Look Ahead, 1957 (sound re-recording)
Crisis in Asia, 1957 (sound)
Four Centuries of Growing Pains, 1957 (sound)
The Invisible Keystone, 1957 (sound)
Mapping for Defence, 1957 (sound)
Portrait of the Family, 1957 (sound)
Poverty and Plenty, 1957 (sound)]
Road to Independence, 1957 (sound)
Ten Days that Shook the Commonwealth, 1957 (sound)
They Called It White Man’s Burden, 1957 (sound)
Au bout de ma rue, 1958 (sound re-recording)
Felix Leclerc troubadour, 1958 (sound re-recording)
A Foreign Language, 1958 (sound)
Le Maître du Pérou, 1958 (sound re-recording)
Les Raquetteurs, 1958 (sound mixing)
Security-Espionage, 1958 (sound re-recording)
Street to the World, 1958 (sound)
Stay Alive in the Winter Arctic, 1958 (sound)
Stay Alive in the Winter Bush, 1958 (sound)
Ti-Jean in the Land of Iron, 1958 (sound mixer)
Women on the March, 1958 (sound re-recording)
Les Brûlés, 1959 (sound re-recording) (re-released in 1962 as The Promised Land)
La Canne à pêche, 1959 (sound re-recording)
Charles Forest, curé fondateur, 1959 (sound re-recording)
The Chairmaker and the Boys, 1959 (sound recording)
Emergency Ward, 1959 (sound)
Fred Barry comédien, 1959 (sound re-recording)
Glenn Gould: Off the Record, 1959 (sound)
Glenn Gould: On the Record, 1959 (sound)
Henri Gagnon, organiste, 1959 (sound re-recording)
L’Immigré, 1959 (sound re-recording)
Jour de juin, 1959 (sound re-recording)
Marius Barbeau et l’art totémique, 1959 (sound re-recording)
Marius Barbeau et le folklore canadien-française, 1959 (sound re-recording)
Mort au touriste!, 1959 (sound re-recording)
Lord Elgin: Voice of the People, 1959 (sound re-recording)
Pierre Beaulieu agriculteur (2e partie), 1959 (sound re-recording)
Royal Visit ‘59: Central Canada, 1959 (cinematographer)
Royal Visit ‘59: The Maritimes, 1959 (cinematographer)
Royal Visit ‘59: West and Northwest, 1959 (cinematographer)
Le Sport et les hommes, 1959 (sound re-recording)
The St. Lawrence Seaway, 1959 (cinematographer)
Télésphore Légaré, garde-pêche, 1959 (sound re-recording)
Tout l’or du monde, 1959 (sound re-recording)
Alfred Desrochers, poète, 1960 (sound mixer)
Beaver Dam, 1960 (sound re-recording)
The Cars in Your Life, 1960 (sound)
Le Chanoine Lionel Groulx, historien, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Circle of the Sun, 1960 (sound)
Collège contemporain, 1960 (sound mixer)
Cyrias Ouellet homme de science, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Le Déficient mental, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Discours de bienvenue de Norman McLaren / Opening Speech, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Explosives - Accidents, Part 1, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Four Religions, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Glenn Gould, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Georges-P Vanier: soldat, diplomat, gouverneur général, 1960 (sound re-recording)
La Grande Aventure industrielle ranconté par Édouard Simard - 1, 1960 (sound re-recording)
La Grande Aventure industrielle ranconté par Édouard Simard -2, 1960 (sound re-recording)
L’Héritage, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Le Historien Chanoine Lionel Groulx, 1960 (sound)
La Misère des autres, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Nigeria: Giant in Africa, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Nomades, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Les Petites Soeurs, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Le Prix de la science, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Saint-Denis Garneau, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Wilfrid Pelletier, chef d’orchestre et éducateur, 1960 (sound re-recording)
Alexis Ladouceur, Métis, 1961 (sound re-recording)
Away From It All, 1961 (sound)
Cash Advances for Prairie Grain, 1961 (sound)
Cattle Ranch, Social Geography series, 1961 (sound)
Charles Tupper: The Big Man, 1961 (sound)
La Chaudière, 1961 (sound re-recording)
A Christmas Fantasy, 1961 (sound)
Courtship, 1961 (sound re-recording)
Dimanche d’Amérique, 1961 (sound re-recording)
Dubois et Fils, 1961 (sound re-recording)
E.C.M., 1961 (sound)
La France sur un caillou, 1961 (sound re-recording)
Golden Gloves, 1961 (sound)
Le Jeu de l’hiver, 1961 (sound)
John A. Macdonald: The Impossible Idea, 1961 (sound re-recording)
Joseph Howe: The Tribune of Nova Scotia, 1961 (sound re-recording)
Louis-Joseph Papineau - Le Demi-dieu, 1961 (sound re-recording)
Mathematics at Your Fingertips, 1961 (sound re-recording)
Le Rallye des neiges, 1961 (sound re-recording)
Of Sport and Men, 1961 (sound re-recording)
The Saddlemaker, 1961 (sound re-recording)
Trout Stream, 1961 (sound)
University, 1961 (sound)
What Farm Price Support Means to You, 1961 (sound re-recording)
Yukon Old, Yukon New, 1961 (sound re-recording)
À Saint-Henri le cinq septembre, 1962 (sound re-recording)
Les Bacheliers de la cinquième, 1962 (sound re-recording)
The Boy Next Door / Le Petit Voisin, 1962 (sound recording)
The Broken Chain, 1962 (sound mixer)
Bûcherons de la Maouane, 1962 (sound re-recording)
Charles Tupper - Le Magnanime, 1962 (sound re-recording)
Chéticamp, 1962 (sound re-recording)
A Christmas Fantasy, 1962 (sound)
Drylanders, 1962 (sound)
Georges-Étienne Cartier: The Lion of Québec, 1962 (sound)
L’Homme du lac, 1962 (sound re-recording) (re-released in 1963 as The Lake Man)
Le Jeu de l’hiver, 1962 (sound re-recording)
Jour après jour, 1962 (sound)
Kindergarten, 1962 (sound re-recording)
Lonely Boy, 1962 (sound)
Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine, 1962 (sound re-recording)
My Financial Career, 1962 (sound)
Nahanni, 1962 (sound re-recording)
Patinoire, 1962 (sound)
The Peep Show, 1962 (sound)
Pour la suite du monde, 1962 (sound editing, sound mixer)
Pour quelques arpents de neige, 1962 (sound editing, sound re-recording)
Québec - U.S.A. ou L’invasion pacifique, 1962 (sound re-recording)
Rallye des neiges, 1962 (sound re-recording)
La Soif d’or, 1962 (sound re-recording)
Trans-Canada Journey, 1962 (sound re-recording)
Le Vieil âge, 1962 (sound re-recording)
30 Minutes, Mister Plummer, 1963 (sound re-recording)
À l’heure de la décolonisation, 1963 (sound re-recording)
Aircraft in Forest Fire Control, 1963 (sound re-recording)
Anniversary, 1963 (sound, sound re-recording)
Background to Latin America, 1963 (sound re-recording)
Ballerina, 1963 (sound re-recording)
Cornet at Night, 1963 (sound)
Les Enfants du Silence, 1963 (sound mixer)
Eskimo Artist: Kenojuak, 1963 (sound)
Fisherman’s Gamble, 1963 (sound re-recording)
La France revisitée, 1963 (sound re-recording)
Gone Curling, 1963 (sound re-recording)
Marie-Victorin, 1963 (sound re-recording)
Music from Montreal, 1963 (sound re-recording)
On le pensait à l’épreuve de feu, 1963 (sound)
Painting a Province, 1963 (sound)
Patte mouillée, 1963 (sound re-recording)
Petit Discours de la méthode, 1963 (sound re-recording)
Pipers and A’, 1963 (sound)
The Ride, 1963 (sound)
Rose et Landry, 1963 (sound re-recording)
Sky, 1963 (sound)
They Called It Fireproof, 1963 (sound re-recording)
Toronto Jazz, 1963 (sound)
Un air de famille, 1963 (sound re-recording)
The World of David Milne, 1963 (sound)
À propos d’une plage, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Above the Horizon, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Adventure in Newfoundland, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Age of the Buffalo, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Antigonish, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Appuis et suspensions, 1964 (sound mixer)
Au hasard du temps, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Because They Are Different, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Canon, 1964 (sound)
Champlain, 1964 (sound re-recording)
The Child of the Future: How Might He Learn, 1964 (sound)
Country Auction, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Corps agiles, 1964 (sound re-recording)
La Courte Échelle / Give Me A Hand, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Crafts of My Province, 1964 (sound)
Le Diable est dans la ferme, 1964 (sound re-recording)
The Edge of the Barrens, 1964 (sound)
Fabienne sans son Jules, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Fields of Sacrifice, 1964 (sound re-recording)
La Fin des étés, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Figure Skating, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Haida Carver, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Huit témoins, 1964 (sound re-recording)
The Hundredth Summer, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Joey, 1964 (sound)
Lacrosse, 1964 (sound)
Learn to Ski, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Legault’s Place, 1964 (sound)
Magic Molecule, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Nobody Waved Good-bye, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Paul-Émile Borduas (1905-1960) (sound re-recording)
Percé on the Rocks, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Phoebe, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Programme de formation, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Québec 1603: Samuel de Champlain, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Selections from the Christmas Oratorio by J.S. Bach, 1964 (sound)
<>, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Solange dans nos campagnes, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Summer Pageantry, 1964 (sound, narration)
Le Temps perdu, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Trail Ride, 1964 (sound)
The Transition, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Vaillancourt, 1964 (sound re-recording)
Villeneuve, peintre-barbier, 1964 (sound)
The Voyageurs, 1964 (sound)
Winter Rally, 1964 (sound re-recording)
60 Cycles, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Attitudes, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Autobiographical by A.M. Klein, 1965 (sound re-recording)
The Baymen, 1965 (sound re-recording)
La Bourse et la Vie, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Buster Keaton Rides Again, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Bonjour Toronto!, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Centennial Travellers, 1965 (sound re- recording)
City Under Pressure, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Les Départs nécessaires, 1965 (sound re-recording)
The Drag, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Le Festin des morts, 1965 (sound re-recording)
La Forme des choses, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Glaciation, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Henry Larsen, 1965 (sound re-recording)
High Steel, 1965 (sound re-recording)
John Hirsch: A Portrait of a Man and a Theatre, 1965 (sound)
Judoka, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Mademoiselle Barbara, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Memorandum, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Miner, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Mosaic/Mosaïque, 1965 (sound)
La Neige a fondu sur la Manicouagan, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Octopus Hunt, 1965 (sound)
The Overfamiliar Subordinate, 1965 (sound re-recording)
The Sea Got in Your Blood, 1965 (sound re-recording)
The Searching Man, 1965 (sound mixer)
Settlement of the Western Plains, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Stefansson: The Arctic Prophet, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Test 0558, 1965 (sound)
A Trip Down Memory Lane, 1965 (sound re-recording)
Two Men of Montreal, 1965 (sound re-recording)
La Vie heureuse de Léopold Z, 1965 (sound re-recording)
War II: Total War, 1965 (sound re-recording)
3 hommes au mille carré, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Angel, 1966 (sound editing)
The Animal Movie, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Bird of Passage, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Bois-Francs, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Ça n’est pas le temps des romans, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Canadians Can Dance, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Cityscape, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Comment savoir, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Dimensions, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Element 3, 1966 (sound re-recording)
En février, 1966 (sound re-recording)
The Ever-changing Lowlands, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Forest Regions of Canada, 1966 (sound re-recording)
The Forest, 1966 (sound)
Get Wet, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Intermède, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Labour College, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Level 4350, 1966 (sound re-recording)
The Merry-Go-Round, 1966 (sound re-recording)
La Moisson, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Never a Backward Step, 1966 (sound re-recording)
No Reason to Stay, 1966 (sound editing)
Northern Fisherman, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Notes for a Film About Donna & Gail, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Once Upon a Prime Time, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Paddle to the Sea, 1966 (sound)
Précision, 1966 (sound re-recording)
The Quiet Racket, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Ride for Your Life, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Stravinsky, 1966 (sound)
The Summer We Moved to Elm Street, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Take It from the Top, 1966 (sound)
A Tale of Mail, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Toys, 1966 (sound re-recording)
Volleyball, 1966 (sound re-recording)
What on Earth!, 1966 (sound re-recording)
The White Ship, 1966 (sound re-recording)
YUL 871, 1966 (sound re-recording)
After Eve, 1967 (sound re-recording)
At the Autumn River Camp: Part 2, 1967 (sound re-recording)
At the Caribou Crossing Place: Part 2, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Blades and Brass, 1967 (sound)
Building a Kayak: Part 2, 1967 (sound re-recording)
The Building’s Already Begun, 1967 (sound)
Canada and the American Revolution, 1763-1783, Struggle for a Border: Canada’s Relations with the United States series, 1967 (sound re-recording)
The Canadian Forces Hydrofoil Ship: Concept and Design, 1967 (sound re-recording)
C’est pas la faute à Jacques Cartier, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Chantal: En vrac, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Charlie’s Day, 1967 (sound re-recording)
The Circle, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Do Not Fold, Staple, Spindle, or Mutilate, 1967 (sound re-recording)
En octobre, 1967 (sound mixer)
Ethiopian Mosaic, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Explosion démographique, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Fisherman’s Fall, 1967 (sound)
Fishing at the Stone Weir: Part 2, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Flowers on a One-way Street, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Le Grand Rock, 1967 (sound re-recording)
The House that Jack Built, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Impressions of Expo ‘67, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Indian Memento, 1967 (sound mixer)
Indian Relocation: Elliot Lake, 1967 (sound re-recording)
L’Indien parle, 1967 (sound mixing)
The Invention of the Adolescent, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Kurelek, 1967 (sound re-recording)
The Name of the Game Is Volleyball, 1967 (sound re-recording)
The North Has Changed, 1967 (sound)
Le Règne du jour, 1967 (sound mixer)
Sabre and Foil, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Tax Is Not a Four-letter Word, 1967 (sound editing)
The Things I Cannot Change, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Un enfant... un pays, 1967 (sound)
Waiting for Caroline, 1967 (sound re-recording)
We’re Gonna Have Recess, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Woodlot Management, 1967 (sound re-recording)
Adventures, 1968 (sound re-recording)
Boomsville, 1968 (sound re-recording)
Dangerous Decades, 1818-1846, 1968 (sound re-recording)
De mère en fille, 1968 (sound mixer) (re-released in 1969 as Mother-to-be)
Diableries d’un sourcier, 1968 (sound re-recording)
L’Évasion des carrousels, 1968 (sound re-recording)
Fluxes, 1968 (sound re-recording)
Origami, 1968 (sound re-recording)
Saul Alinsky Went to War, 1968 (sound re-recording)
Bozarts, 1969 (sound re-recording)
Bronze, 1969 (sound re-recording)
Capture, 1969 (sound re-recording)
Éloge du chiac, 1969 (sound mixing)
Entre tu et vous, 1969 (sound re-recording
The Hoarder, 1969 (sound re-recording)
Prologue, 1969 (sound re-recording)
Les Rochassiers, 1969 (sound re-recording) (abridged version: Sheer Sport, 1969)
Tout le temps, tout le temps, tout le temps...?, 1969 (sound re-recording)
The Act of the Heart, 1970 (sound re-recording engineer)
Ashes of Doom, 1970 (sound mixing)
Cell 16, 1971 (sound re-recording)
Citizen Harold, 1971 (sound re-recording)
God Help the Man Who Would Part with His Land, 1971 (sound re-recording)
Jablonski, 1971 (sound re-recording)
Ballet Adagio, 1972 (sound)
Beyond Kicks, 1972 (sound re-recording)
When I Go, That’s It!, 1972 (director, producer)
The Family that Dwelt Apart, 1974 (sound)
L’Artilleur, 1976 (sound)
Pas de deux and the Dance of Time, 1985 (sound)

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