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Christopher Hinton

Christopher Hintonb. 1952, Galt (now Cambridge), Ontario

A multiple-award-winning animator, Christopher Hinton has worked extensively for the National Film Board – where he has animated, written, directed and produced over a dozen films – as well as for the CBC and several commercial animation studios. His carefully calibrated style tends to be very frantic, sometimes minimalist, and often characterized by exaggerated shifts in perspective.

After honing his animation skills working for “Sesame Street” in the early seventies, the Winnipeg-based Hinton began freelancing for the NFB’s newly opened Prairie Production Office, where he directed Canada Vignettes: Lady Francis Simpson (1978) and co-directed the award-winning Blowhard (1978).

He spent much of the eighties animating and directing several independently produced films, including The Gift (1981), A Piece of the Action (1983) and A Nice Day in the Country (1988), and also began teaching animation in the film programme at Concordia University in Montreal.

Among Hinton’s numerous international awards are two Academy Award® nominations for Best Animated Short Film for Blackfly (1991) and Nibbles (2003). He currently lives in Montreal with his wife and two children.

By Andrew McIntosh

Film and video work includes

Blowhard, 1978 (co-director with Brad Caslor; co-animator with Brad Caslor)
Canada Vignettes: Lady Frances Simpson, 1978 (director; writer; animator)
The Gift, 1981 (director; animator)
The Quiet Target, 1982 (animator)
Fiprecan, 1983 (director; animator)
Spaceman, 1983 (director; animator)
New Brunswick Farmer, 1984 (director; animator)
A Piece of the Action, 1984 (director; animator)
Giordano, 1985 (director; animator)
A New World Below/Les Secrets des fonds marins, 1986 (animator)
Nice Day in the Country, 1988 (director; writer; animator; producer)
Blackfly, 1991 (director; animator)
The National Film Board of Canada’s Animation Festival, 1991 (director; TV)
Pink Komkommer, 1991 (animator)
Watching TV, 1994 (director; animator)
Flux, 2002 (director; writer; animator)
Twang, 2002 (director)
X-Man, 2002 (director; animator; producer)
Inside the Hothouse, 2003 (animator)
Nibbles, 2003 (director; voice)
cNote, 2004 (director; animator)
The Drew Carey Greenscreen Show, 2005 (director; animator)

Note: Updated to June 30, 2005

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