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Chapeau, Le

The Hat
6 min., black and white, 35mm
No Dialogue
Director Michèle Cournoyer
Producer Theérèse DescaryPierre Hébert
Writer Michèle Cournoyer
Cinematographer Pierre Landry
Editor Fernand Bélanger
Sound Serge BoivinFernand BélangerJean DeromeRobert LangloisGeoffrey MitchellJean-Paul Vialard
Music Jean Derome
Production Company Youth Studio of the National Film Board of Canada French Program
This moving, visceral and deceptively simple animated film recounts the painful, abusive experiences of an exotic dancer when the sight of a patron’s hat triggers a flood of childhood memories. Gifted animator Michèle Cournoyer uses the immediacy of black ink on paper to create fluidly stark and disturbing images. Le Chapeau won numerous awards both domestically and internationally, including Best Canadian Short Film at the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival®, Best Animated Film at the Jutra Awards, and special mention awards at the Annecy and Ottawa International Animation Festivals.

By Andrew McIntosh
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