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Special Delivery

Livraison spéciale
7 min., colour, 35mm
Director John WeldonEunice Macaulay
Producer Derek Lamb
Writer Eunice MacaulayJohn Weldon
Cinematographer Simon LeblancRaymond Dumas
Animation Eunice MacaulayJohn Weldon
Sound Michel DescombesJean-Pierre Joutel
Music Karl Duplessis
Narration Sandy SandersonJean Marchand (French version)
Production Company National Film Board of Canada
Special Delivery, which won an Academy Award® for Animated Short Film, is a satire that combines elements of a detective story with a soap opera. Its plot twists revolve around the consequences of a husband failing to clean the snow off the front steps; by the end of the story, a mailman has slipped and died as a result. Drawn in coloured pencil on paper and imbued with a deliciously macabre tone, Special Delivery’s witty inventiveness derives as much from the animation as from the absurdist story. The film was immensely popular on the festival circuit and won awards in New York, Melbourne and Zagreb.

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